Yoga-Massage soziale Meditation ganzheitliches spirituelles Coaching Schule

Healing in the aura of the historical Buddha

Character, effect and philosophy of yoga-energy massage

Even at the level of the partial body treatment, the primary goal of yoga-energy massage is to create a meditative calm and at the same time awake and centered emotional condition of the patient through balance and a stimulation of the body energy through touch, accupressure and stretching.
The reliably engaging physiotherapeutic effects of yoga-energy-massage are naturally welcome, but are not primarily intended.

Due to the fact that this form of massage was developed on the whole in India by early buddhist monks, it seems evident that it was originally used as a social meditation and complementary healing instrument in order to support the daily life and spiritual way of the individual.

The recipient should be lead into a meditative condition through the massage, during which the therapist holds the responsibility to work with a high degree of attentiveness and empathy.

An ancient indian mantra (Pali) to set ones mind for the healing spirit

In Thailand today is still widely recited a good 2000 years old mantra in the Indian language Pali ( which was the original teaching language of the historical Buddha) in order to optimally put themselves into the right mood for the therapeutic work and to connect with the cosmic energy. This may primarily be an expression of humility to the greater power that enables to see and essentially heals.
Here, a corresponding version of the prayer, as given by the old medicine hospital/chiang mai/ north-Thailand:

“ We invite the spirit of our founder, the father doctor “Shivagakomarpaj”
(remark: “Shivagakomarpaj” was the medicinal companion or personal doctor of the historical Buddha – other spellings are also possible ),
who came to us through his saintly life. Please bring us the knowledge of nature, that this prayer show us the true medicine in the universe. In the name of this prayer,
we respect your help and pray that through our bodies you will bring wholeness and health to the body of our client.
The god of healing dwells in the heaven high, while mankind stays in the world below.
In the name of the founder, may the heavens be reflected in the earth below so that this healing medicine may encircle the world.
We pray for the one whom we touch, that he will be happy and that illness will be released from him.”