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Historical aspects of Thai Massage

Tempel in Mae Hong Son/ Nord Thailand

Back to the roots of "Thai Yoga Massage"

About 2500 years ago in India a very typical way of body-treatment came into being, which united knowledge and experience of the traditional Ayurveda Medicine with therapeutic yoga elements to a unique form of massage.
According to tradition, this style of application was developed mainly by monks in the closer surrounding of the historical Buddha and only later, after Buddhism had disappeared from india, it was handed down to Thailand.

Though the word “Thai-massage” correctly may give an idea, that the body-treatment was cultivated during centuries in Thailand,
it’s commercialization in the west often leads to misunderstanding by drawing our attention one-sidedly to the possible nationality of the masseur. The expression Thai-massage suffered a serious image-damage at the latest, since unfortunately it was misused even in the world of prostitutes. Over and above that, as a nomination of a specific way of physical application it doesn’t point to the fact, that this treatment has it’s original roots in the ancient Ayurveda and Yoga-therapeutic medicine of India.
Teachers and experts in Thailand call this treatment more often than not and more precise „Nuad Phaen Boran“ or „Jap Nuad Sen“,
which can be translated as “ancient typical way of healing massage” or “touch and massage of the energy lines”